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TeethWhy are my teeth more yellow than others?

Why are my teeth more yellow than others?

Abnormal staining of teeth has two types: intrinsic (inside) and extrinsic (outside) of the tooth.

The intrinsic (inside) are stains that are incorporated into the dental structure (enamel and dentin) and that cannot be removed by cleaning, toothpaste or polish. Some of the more common examples of intrinsic stains are those that are caused by dental fluorosis, trauma, side effects of medications among other causes. Intrinsic stains are difficult to remove due to the involvement of dentin. The esthetics of discoloration in teeth can be improved by various procedures such as bleaching, fillings, veneers and caps also known as crowns. This is depending on the needs of individual patient needs and the specific pattern of discoloration.

The extrinsic (outside) are stains that occur on the external tooth surface as a result of accumulation of pigments, and that can be removed with cleaning and polish. The most common causes of external tooth discoloration include tobacco, iron, foods, beverages, bacteria, gingival hemorrhage, restorative materials and medications.

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